Project Outputs

Project Outputs in English:

Needs assessment_Transnational report_IO1A1_ENG

Soft Skills Framework O1A2_ENG   (or via ISSUU)

Soft Skills Syllabus_O2A2_ENG

Teaching material_Social skills_O2A3_ENG  (or via ISSUU)

Teaching material_Cooperative skills_O2A3_ENG  (or via ISSUU)

Teaching material_Personal skills_O2A3_ENG  (or via ISSUU)

Teaching material_Organisational skills_O2A3_ENG  (or via ISSUU)

Teaching material_Creative thinking Skills_O2A3_ENG   (or via ISSUU)


Soft Skills_Moodle guidelines for students_O2A3_ENG

Soft Skills Open badge report_O3A3_ENG

Soft Skills Good Employee badge_O3A3_ENG

Soft Skills Pilot Implementation Report _O4A2_ENG

Guidelines for counsellors to work with migrants _O5A1_A2_ENG


SoftSkills4EU videos on YouTube



Project Outputs in Slovenian:

Soft Skills Syllabus_O2A2_SI

Teaching material_Social skills_O2A3_SI

Teaching material_Personal skills_O2A3_SI

Teaching material_Organizational skills_O2A3_SI

Teaching material_Cooperative skills_O2A3_SI

Teaching material_Creative thinking skills_O2A3_SI

Soft Skills Passport_O3A2_SI

Soft Skills Open badge report_O3A3_SI

Soft Skills Good Employee badge_O3A3_SI

Project Outputs in Dutch:

Soft skills Framework_O1A1_NL

Soft Skills Syllabus_O2A2_NL

Teaching material_Cooperative skills_O2A3_NL

Teaching material_Creative thinking skills_O2A3_NL

Teaching material_Organizational skills_O2A3_NL

Teaching material_Personal skills_O2A3_NL

Teaching material_Social skills_O2A3_NL


Project Outputs in Italian:

Soft Skills Syllabus_O2A2_IT


Project Outputs in Greek:

Soft Skills Syllabus_O2A2_CY

Soft Skills Good Employee badge_O3A3_CY

Guidelines for counsellors to work with migrants _O5A1_A2_CY


Project Outputs in Croatian:

Soft skills Framework_O1A1_CRO

Soft Skills Syllabus_O2A2_CRO